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IAS is a supplier of Industrial Additive systems to a wide range of markets.

IAS is a supplier of Industrial minerals to a wide range of markets. The company strives to be a trusted industrial mineral technical partner, producing Value Added and reliable resource appropriate for downstream applications.

IAS approach is founded on supplying the right additive for the purpose at hand. We adopt a proposition by application philosophy. To do this, we supply a combination of value procurement sympathetic beneficiation and an additive to application match.

Value starts by selecting the correct solution. IAS has a strong technical team with experience in a wide range of applications. IAS business proposition is to use this expertise to identify the specification. Additionally in pursuit of a value driven approach we offer assistance in formulating recommended products into client formulations.

IAS identifies industrial minerals that offer strong, appropriate performance at a discount. We seek preferential relationships if not full or part time ownership. This provides a price advantage without compromising the quality of input to finished product.

We avoid excessive-specification or over engineered product to ensure a cost-effective solution that matches customer’s needs.


Red Oxide Masterbatch:

IAS Red Oxide Masterbatch is a blend of red oxide, with silica and
aluminium. The masterbatch is rich in red oxide providing strong colour
enhancing and oxidation prevention properties, as well as UV protection
and thermal stability properties. It stands as a high-performance cost
effective alternative

rCB Masterbatch:

recovered Carbon Black is produced during tyre pyrolysis, rCB provides
many of the mechanical and thermal benefits of virgin carbon black, at a
significant price and environmental advantage.


IAS offers two Silica grades of low iron content. These grades provide a
value alternative for paint, tile adhesives, ceramics, rubber and glass
manufacturing. IAS also provides a low cost blasting Silica


IAS Char products are produced to deliver absorption capabilities, for
purification processes and filtration, in a diverse range of industries, as well
as acting as an inert carrier.
This supports application in gas purification, fertiliser, and chemical

Titanium Dioxide Extender:

IAS Titanium Dioxide Extender applies a proprietary formulation and production
process to a Titanium Dioxide base creating a cost effective replacement to pure
Titanium Dioxide

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